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In the past 4 days i've went through; 52 Lorcet-10's, and 60 Percocet.

Thankgod, I got some oxy 60's left to bang up, left....

I'm pondering rehab, but in a way I believe it is not worth it.

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Just wondering if ultram will hep with vicodin withdrawls, and if it will give me any kind of high when I'm used to taking A LOT of vicodin and/or norco.. thanks!
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hi im your friendly mod.
i was away forever with a broken computer *ten months to be exact*
but im back and i will follow up on this community now.
i see we have a ton more members *yay*

any questions or comments get ahold of me..also i need a co-mod for times that things like computer crashing accurs!
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'ello, I'm new here. My story is fairly typical it seems, with perhaps a couple minor differences. When I was 18 I had my wisdom teeth removed, and for which I was given a nice plump bottle of Vicodin 7.5/750 pills to help with the pain. Well, my wisdom teeth removal was a "difficult extraction" because I had my wisdom teeth removed two years later than they should have been, and as my 65 year old dentist told me after taking them out, "Those were the biggest wisdom teeth I've ever seen". The next few days were pretty much a blur of pain like I've never experienced accompanied by a perpetually bleeding mouth, if you'll excuse me for being frank about it. I only ended up taking a few of the Vicodin pills during the process. Well, that was when I was 18, and also when I was not particularly interested in drugs of any sort. Now I'm 23, and am particularly interested in drugs of any sort. And I'm one of those irresponsible people who never throws their medications away. And so not too long ago I recently rediscovered that bottle of Vicodin, like a glowing angel incapsulated in a bottle in my cabinet. Huzzah! Despite the itchiness they are rather relaxing and I've come to enjoy them, although I've found they can be rather addicting indeed. And sadly the bottle has gotten close to empty now, and so I'll either have to find illicit methods of attaining more if I wish to continue using them, or more likely have the habit die, which would probably be the smarter thing if I wish to keep my liver around (so I can destroy it later with alcohol).

Well, I guess the biggest thing I've been wondering about is dosages. As I said I've been taking the 7.5 mg Vicodin pills with the 750 mg of acetaminophen in them. Playing it safe as I usually do, I've only been taking one of them per 4-6 hour period, and not more than three in a single day. I know there are Vicodin pills that have 10 mg dosages, so I have been tempted to take one and a half at a time, but haven't done it. It's the 750 mg of acetaminophen in them that bothers me. I know there are Vicodin pills that have lower dosages of acetaminophen in them (dammit), but these are what I have, and everything I've read has said that acetaminophen can be rather dangerous to the liver to take more than 1000 mg of it in a single dose, and more than 4000 mg in a single day.. and only more dangerous if you're using it day after day. This accompanied by the fact that I'm also a heavy drinker and know that my liver isn't in tip-top shape to begin with (perhaps pickled by now). I take daily multivitamins which most people don't so I know I have some benefits from that, but I'm not naive about what I'm doing to my body with drugs. So I'm sort of curious what sort of dosages everyone else has been taking of this lovely stuff and what their experiences have been. And I guess that's all. Nice to find this community. ^_^
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fiddy fo five

I am pleased as punch to announce that my new insurance fucking rocks.. My copay for scrips is only 5 DOLLAS!! plus my new doc hands out pills like candy.. so guess who just got 50, that's right 50! vicodin for 5 dollars ...ME..
oh praise jeebus...
just had to announce that.. yay for insurance and shady doctors.
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I've been on percocet 5/3.25 taking between 4-10 a day for the pain for the last few months so my doctor decided to switch me to oxycontin which I can only take once a day. I can't get my prescription filled until Monday and I'm a tad nervous since I've never taken it before even though it's technically a lower dose than the amount of percocet I'm used to taking everyday. I was just wondering if anyone had anything to share about oxy. Did it help? Does it make you high all day long? No high at all? Any bad side effects? Have trouble functioning- such as driving? How long did it take to kick in? How long did it really last? Thanks.

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Ello' this is your mod obscured_exile...this is my new LJ name because im trying to sober up and changing journals motivates me in a sence.if anyone wants to read my profile and add me feel free just be 17 +
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Hello everyone. My name is Matt.
I am 16, and have been using or as some would say abusing pharmeceutical-opiates/amphetamines(both meth and amphetamines in general] since age 14.
I thought this was a cute little community, and I found it interesting that so many people are connected to the same things as I am.

Anyway, same old story, I went to the dentist, got vicodin for a root-canal, and then it started as a every now and then type deal, then so it seemed when age 15 hit things just went to hell.

If I couldn't steal any money from my mom, I would sell my CD's, DVD's, Computer parts, clothes(I'm a fashion whore, so I have quite a collection of vinyl and home made clothing), and anything else I could find that would get some cash.

and here I am now, I'm feeling good as I write this, pretty off my face, on 4 Soma's(muscle relaxer), 3 Lorcet, and a couple of valium.

I am a musician, cross dressing fashion whore(heh), and an addict.

So hello to all! and have a good night.

Feel free to add me if we have any similiar interests, or whatever.
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pretty callie

so im high

got some vicodin and xanax tonight. im feeling very good and relaxed. ive been popping pills for years. im just not interested in stopping. last time i took so much vicodin and got really sick, i gacve my body a break, then started up again. so yeah. pills are like a treat to me.
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